No offence, but where are your sources that that is why Robert wouldn’t be doing the panel?  I imagine he will, because he said he will to a fan on Twitter. Just because he said he’s not a conventional sort of man, doesn’t mean he hates his fans - maybe he doesn’t like the crowds at these things. He’s a private guy and rightly so. Incidentally enough, as fans we do not have the right to assume/know everything about his life. Please don’t assume that we do…@paronskaft
I wasn’t talking about the ouat panel I SAID press ! its all over twitter ! that he would not be doing Q&A after panel now im not sure at all about the press thing its whats being said on twitter and as for my comment post I dot think I was being disrespectful I was mostly jokeing but as you are not one of my followers you wouldn’t no the way I kid

reasons wiy RC may not be doing press this year at SDCC

1; too many mean spired tweets from so called fans !

2; too tied from filming his new movie and once

3;something very personal is going and is in no mood to put a front
4;dosent like where his storyline is headed this year so dosent want to  answers questions about it !

5;is done with being interviewed for now as he will have to do a lot next year with once and his new movie ?

@tjmystic tagged me ! thanks TJ kisses

words words words  Rules
In a text post, list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag [ten] friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure you let your friends know you’ve tagged them.
In no particular order  
1;washington square,by henry james
2;of human bondage,by w.somerset maugam

3;the gambler,by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

4;the great Gatsby,by f scott fitzgerald

5;as I lay dying,by the Faulkner

6;the greatest man in cedar hole,by Stephanie doyon

7;a witness to life,by Terence m green

8;the museum guard,by howard norman

9;the harry potters books,by j.k rowning

10; the nightspinners„by lucretia grindle

number 10 and 1 are big ones for me they mean the most too me and now I tag some cats ….#tjmystic



I pretty much think the scene where Belle tells rumple why she agreed to come to the dark castle was the time rumple realized he was in love with her.

But question is when did belle realize she loved him?

I so want to see that!

I think like Emilie de ravin said belle fell fast and hard for the beast but didn’t realize it till her talk with the queen I could love him that little smile that’s when she knew she loved him I think ?

just got back from barnes and noble

and I had a real lovely time there ! I got this great bargain priced book edgar allan POE complete tales & poems ! and they were giving away a F%#K  ton of free stuff batman posters and comics and free first chap’s of some new books I got one called Dorothy must die and miss peregrines home for peculiar children i’ll let you all if i’ll be buying them lol all and all not a bad day !