the true blood ending….spoilers so dot read if you havent seen yet

ok so sookie loved bill always had whatever ! eric&sookie fan here I thought bill’s end was touching ending with with him and sookie this whole season was for bill about his past and where he belonged his family his wife so that was a good way to go for him and sam ! where was sam this season ? eric well he got a much a better ending happier ending this time around and im good with that im not sure how I feel about shara end poor thing but the thing is wiy did sookie baby daddy have too be a nooie couldn’t it have been  alcide wiy they kill him off what was the point so bill and sookie could get together again could have done that with alcide still being in the picture it should have been alcide and again eric and sookie fan here just saying

oh yeah its once upona sunday rewatch ! time

getting started a bit late 2night lazy sunday …and im going to try and watch more then 3 EP’S 2night lets see how that go’s lol and now for this season 2 rewatch im revisting [ manattan ] my fave from season 2 !!!! and [ the queen is dead ] idk about the millers daughter I may just youtube the storybrook parts we’ll see and hopefully [ welcome 2 storybrooke ] wish me luck with staying up late too do this and still get up at 7;00 am work ! yay here go’s lol


So Im curious







Robert Carlyle is 36 years my senior.

How many is yours?

Bobby is 10 years older than me………..

46…. and i  still am attracted to him…

14 years here.

26 years. He’s the same age as my mom

29 years. 

all im going too say about this its the same as emDE lol